Cognition and Contrast / Kognition und Kontrast

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Since the beginning of her career, Professor Sabine De Knop has been doing research within the frameworks of Cognitive and Contrastive Linguistics and has mainly distinguished herself in three research areas: Language & Cognition, Construction Grammar and Applied linguistics. This volume brings together a range of contributions which open up new perspectives on these three topics, either within one language or from a contrastive perspective. They are written by linguists who have worked with Professor Sabine De Knop at some point in her career. The papers propose new theoretical and empirical insights as well as innovative pedagogical practices in the fields of language and proficiency.



Contributeurs / Contributors / BeiträgerInnen: Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez ; Stefan Engelberg ; Hans C. Boas & Alexander Ziem ; Mechthild Habermann & Thomas Herbst ; Samantha Laporte ; Myriam Bouveret ; Carmen Mellado Blanco, Fabio Mollica & Elmar Schafroth ; Cristiano Broccias, Annalisa Baicchi & Marco Bagli ; Gaëtanelle Gilquin ; Françoise Gallez & Manon Hermann ; Paul Sambre, Julien Perrez, Pascale Van Keirsbilck & Cornelia Wermuth ; Fanny Meunier & Ferran Suñer Muñoz ; Jennifer Thewissen,Tanja Temmerman, Arnaud Vincent & Justine Gauthier.




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