Séminaire des Sciences du Langage

The Seminaire des Sciences du Langage (SeSLa) is the linguistics research centre of the UCLouvain Saint-Louis - Brussels. It welcomes researchers from the departments of Romance, Germanic and ancient languages as well as from the Faculty of translation and interpreting Marie Haps.



The SeSLa aims at fostering research in all linguistic fields from an interdisciplinary perspective. More specifically, its research is centred around three main topics: contrastive linguistics, text linguistics, and traductology. 


The SeSLa organises talks, debates and research seminars focusing on various topics for experts of modern and ancient languages (researchers, teachers, students) as well as for a larger audience. The members of the SeSLa also present their research in seminars to specialists and organizes conferences dealing with specific topics.


25-27 June


JADT - 17th International Conference on Statistical Analysis of Textual Data 

June 25-27, 2024

Place : Boulevard du Jardin botanique, 43 - 1000 Bruxelles


Call for papers : open


We are glad to announce the call for papers of JADT 2024, 11th International Conference on the Statistical Analysis of Textual Data, that will be held in Brussels (Belgium), from June 25 to 27, 2024 (organised by the by the SeSLA – Séminaire des Sciences du Langage of the UCLouvain - Saint-Louis, Brussels LASLA, with the collaboration of the LASLA – Laboratoire d’Analyse statistique des Langues anciennes of the University of Liege).


This biennial conference, which has constantly been gaining importance since its first occurrence in Barcelone (1990), is open to all scholars and researchers working in the field of textual data analysis; ranging from lexicography to the analysis of political discourse, from information retrieval to marketing research, from computational linguistics to sociolinguistics, from text mining to content analysis. After the success of the previous meetings ((http://lexicometrica.univ-paris3.fr/)), the three-day conference in Brussels will continue to provide a workshop-style forum through technical paper sessions, invited talks, and panel discussions.


The conference website is here.



The News







Sabine De Knop, former president and member of the SeSLa, recently became an emeritus.


On this occasion, Françoise Gallez and Manon Hermann, both members of the SeSLa, have published a book about Sabine De Knop.


You can obtain it by clicking here.


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