Justine Gauthier

Justine Gauthier, who first studied a Bachelor in Germanic Languages and Letters at the université Saint-Louis, Bruxelles graduated in 2018 with a Master in Tall- en Letterkunde in Dutch and English from KU Leuven.


She then completed a degree in teaching education for Germanic languages at the Université Catholique de Louvain, whilst starting a research assistant position at the Université Saint-Louis (Bruxelles). She currently convenes the Dutch: Language proficiency course for the students studying German studies and is a teaching assistant for the Dutch linguistics course and practical exercises I, IIA and IIB, for Dutch history of literature and text analysis courses I and II as well as for the analysis of Dutch literary texts and special questions course.


Interested by the teaching of modern languages and the historical evolution of Dutch, she has started a PhD on the teaching of the Dutch spreektaal to non-native speakers in the context of courses that are offered to support job seekers.

Key words

Tussenthal - sociolinguistics - teaching