Françoise Gallez

Françoise Gallez graduated with a PhD in languages, letters and traductology in January 2020.

Her thesis was entitled Eine konstruktionelle Untersuchung deutscher Motion-Konstruktionen mit Partikelverben und deren Alternativen mit Präpositionalphrasen - durch-, ein- und weg-Konstruktionen im Vergleich and dealt with causative constructions expressing a motion in German according to the paradigm of Construction Grammar.

Her other research interests are i.e. Contrastive Linguistics, teaching foreign languages and translating. She teaches German and German-French translation at the Faculty of translation and interpreting Marie Haps at the Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles and at the Louvain School of Translation and Interpreting (UCLouvain), which succeeded to Institut libre Marie Haps.

Key words 

Construction Grammar - typology - contrastive linguistics - German as foreign language - teaching of translation

Main publications

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