Inter-university doctoral workshop in language Sciences

Arnaud Vincent: "Introduction to the concepts and tools of Corpus Linguistics for the analysis of textual data."


- Language: French

- Level:  introductory

- Prerequisite: none

- Targeted field: Social and human Sciences

- Targeted audience: Any researcher wishing to learn more about and analyse text corpora

- Software mainly usedLancsbox (free)

- The following items will be discussed:

  • Place Corpus Linguistics in the Big Data, digital humanities and text mining landscape
  • Create a corpus (advice, words of caution, DIY corpora vs ready-made corpora) 
  • Collocations
  • Frequency and dispersion 
  • Concordances
  • Extraction of keywords, N-Grams, key N-grams
  • Detection of"plagiarism" between two texts and identification of idiolects

- Duration: 9am to 4pm

- Registration: Compulsory before the 20/08/20 - see "Registration" in the section below

Practical Details

Université Saint-Louis

Boulevard du Jardin botanique 38

Room D16 (4th floor)

1000 Brussels


In order to register, please click here.


Registration deadline: 20/08/2020

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