Conférence : French in Multilingual Urban Centres

This two-day conference will conclude two pilot studies, French as Spoken in Brussels, funded by the British Academy (2013-2016) and Back for the future of the Corpus de français parlé à Bruxelles, funded by the Modern Humanities Research Association (2017-2018). The first project aimed to conduct, to transcribe and to disseminate online sociolinguistic interviews with born and bred inhabitants of Brussels in order to provide an authentic snapshot of French as it is spoken nowadays in Brussels, the second to make available online the transcriptions of ethnolinguistic interviews collected in Brussels in 1989.

Cette conférence est co-organisée par Anne DISTER (Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles), membre du SeSLa. Elle interviendra le 12 septembre à 15h30 aux côtés de Emmanuel Labeau (Aston University) : 

Le corpus de français parlé à Bruxelles (CFPB)

Programme :

Programme - French in Multilingual Urban
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Informations pratiques :

Aston University, Birmingham (UK)

Wednesday 12th – Thursday 13th September 2018