Séminaire des Sciences du Langage

The Seminaire des Sciences du Langage (SeSLa) is the linguistics research centre of the Université Saint-Louis. It welcomes researchers from the departments of Romance, Germanic and ancient languages and also from the Faculty of translation and interpreting Marie Haps.


The SeSLa aims at fostering research in all linguistic fields in an interdisciplinary perspective. More concretely, research is centred around three main topics: contrastive linguistics, text linguistics, and traductology. 


The SeSLa proposes talks, debates and research seminars focusing on various topics for experts of modern and ancient languages (researchers, teachers, students) as well as for a larger audience. The members of the SeSLa also present their research in seminars to specialists. The SeSLa also organizes conferences dealing with specific topics.



23 - 25 October 2019 

 ILPE4 Conference

Les idéologies linguistiques dans la presse écrite: l’exemple des langues romanes 


André Goosse, chroniqueur de langue 

(presentation: Anne Dister - USL-B)  


Messina University (Sicilia) 

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6 November 2019 


Jean-Marie Klinkenberg (ULiège)


Faire signe

Introduction à la sémiotique



Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles

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27 November 2019 


Amandine Dumont (UCLouvain)


La fluidité de l’expression orale en anglais langue étrangère : une analyse de corpus au regard du CEFR 


Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles

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